Trailer Parts Wholesale

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We are a Utah based company specializing in the wholesale of trailer parts and components. We offer quick and easy supply solutions for our distributors.

Light-duty Trailer Axles

We have invested in the infrastructure and equipment that allows us to produce high quality precision axles.

Solid Axles

We offer quick turnaround times on straight and drop axle configurations ranging from 2K to 8K axle weight ratings. These axles can be built with bare spindles, idler hubs, or with hub/drum assemblies including brakes.

To get started ordering a spring axle, download our Solid Axle Order Form

Torsion Axles

Flexiride® Torsion axles by TPW provide the smoothest ride in the market. Additionally, they are very versatile allowing for adjustable spindle degree presets. Every torsion axle we sell comes with all new mounting brackets and hardware. We have quick turnaround times on these versatile axles.

To get started ordering a torsion axle, download our Torsion Axle Order Form

This form is required to be filled out before we build any torsion axle (or you can provide us with the old axle for us to match up).

Installing Torsion Axles

When installing a torsion axle we encourage you to use the new brackets provided rather than trying to reuse old brackets. There are many different manufacturers and mounting styles out there, so in some cases our brackets just will not fit the old ones. Also, the condition of the old brackets may not be structurally sound (with rust, corrosion, stress etc.). Reuse at own risk. If you want to attempt to reuse your old mounting brackets then you can use the second attached form below.

Download the Reusing Torsion Axle Mounts form which provides instructions with how to measure your old brackets in order for us to build the new axle to fit.

Some of the other products we offer include: